Shooting Dominican born recording artist and recent Atlanta transplant, Redimi2 was equal parts creative fun and an excuse for me to go home. We spent most of the day on location in one of Atlanta's best known condemned buildings to trespass and Redimi2's garage, I mean, studio. Shoutout to Matt for assisting (and translating when necessary) and Redimi2 for playing a few unreleased tracks for us. Enjoy.

Moka + Cerleston // Washington D.C. Engagement

Moka found me via an Essence Magazine feature, along with 15 other photographers I cannot believe I'm mentioned in the same sentence with. (Y'all, these folks are good.)

Anyway, Moka slid in my inbox for an engagement shoot thanks to Essence. Shoutout to her and Cerleston for braving an unforeseeable drop in temperature, high winds, and rain. What you do for love.

"Black Gold" for TYPICAL Mag

Inspired by Monique W. Morris' book Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools and Solange's now Grammy award-winning album "A Seat at the Table", TYPICAL's "Black Gold" was a meeting of minds—myself as photographer, Jessi Noel as stylist and art director, and writer Ekemini Uwan to bring it home, making this article a must read. 

Here are a few of my favorites and some good ones that didn't make the TYPICAL cut.

Church Clothes 3

My plan was to write some grand story about how this came together but I'm going to try and give you the bullet points so I can go eat. I can smell dinner cooking across the house.

Reach Records' creative director, Alex Medina text me a famous Civil Rights era image and said "CC3", I was like "word?". Fast forward a Pinterest moodboard and a week later, he tells me I'm shooting it and then drops the bomb that he wants the album art shot on black and white film. I drop everything I'm doing and run to my local camera shop to buy 8 boxes of Ilford XP2 Super 400 film.

The day was overcast with an incessant drizzle— a perfect day to a photographer. Lecrae was about 20 feet away when I arrived to set, I've been to a few concerts but never actually met him. He looks in my direction and says loudly, "Why are you here?!". He thought I was his label mate, Trip Lee. This wasn't the first time that's happened. Needless to say, his outburst broke the ice and we got cracking on Alex's vision for the third installment of Church Clothes. Available now on iTunes!

Art Direction + Design: Alex Medina

Lettering: Dan Cassaro